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Other Facilities

Facilities arrow Viscous Jet Mixing Facility

The Viscous Jet Mixing facility is designed to investigate the turbulent mixing of high Schmidt number, reacting fluids in two streams. The facility is capable of a jet in co-flow configuration to investigate the effects of inlet conditions on the jet instability, and the subsequent shear driving mixing. The modular design of the injector enables easy investigation of other flow configurations in future, such as jets in counter flow and cross flow, to develop and test the efficacy of turbulent mixing models at high Schmidt numbers.

Blast Wave Facility

Salient features:

  • High Re capabilities: The pressure driven, pumpless configuration can yield High Reynolds number flows in the two streams using disparate liquids with high viscosity contrast [~𝑂(103)].
  • Matched Refractive Index: The fluids used have matched index of refraction, which enables the investigation of turbulent mixing via optical diagnostic tools.
  • Composite measurement diagnostic techniques: STAM lab also has simultaneous PIV-PLIF measurement capabilities which enables measurement of velocity and species concentration.
  • Chemical Reaction Studies: This facility is capable of studying turbulent mixing of reactants, and the coupling between the reaction kinetics and turbulent mixing. The facility is modular to easily replace components to suit the chemical compatibility.
  • Automated control: The inlet flows are highly conditioned via screens and settling chambers, with automated flow conditioning to remove any external artifacts on the physics.